HamiltonGold Equity

Investing for growth

HamiltonGold Equity is the larger investment side of our operation, with typical investment deals of £2m to £10m or more.

These investments are made with the combined experience and business know-how of Hamilton  and Rivers Capital; over 80 years combined deal track record with realised returns of 1.5x to 5x or more cash return on a number of investments.

HamiltonGold Equity provides private investors with a mechanism to invest with our expertise and experience in high growth opportunities. We are open for business and at any one time have a pipeline of deals under consideration.

Interested in investing?  There are no joining fees. You just need to register with us and, if you qualify as a suitable risk investor, we can start to show you potential deals.

Just contact us: if you wish to find out more or sign up as a potential investor or as a business seeking capital, please contact us here.

Please note: Your capital is at risk when investing in un-listed and small businesses. This is only open to qualified investors. If you are unsure, please contact us and or take your own advice on whether you are a suitably qualified investor.


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Call us on: +44 191 230 6370
Email us at: info@hamiltongoldpartners.com