How to invest with us

We welcome investors interested in growth finance and have an expanding portfolio of businesses, screened and selected on the ground in the North of England and Scotland. We have two main channels of activity, please see below.

HamiltonGold Equity: our larger equity deal operation is constantly looking for new investors to come on board and see our deal pipeline. So if participating in £2m to £10m or larger equity biased deals is for you we are open to individual investor as well as institutions and other Fund Managers joiing our activity. For more information use the form below and see the Equity page.

HGold Fund: we are raising capital towards our £100m mezzanie Fund and are currently seeking investors, for more information see the Fund page.

Interested? Then contact us for more information on becoming an investor via our “Get in Touch” form below.

RISK WARNING:  Unquoted early stage investments are high risk and are not readily realisable as there is no
recognised market for shares and investors may not be able to obtain reliable information about
value or risk exposure. Investors into the Fund should have the financial ability and willingness
to accept the risks (including, amongst other things, the risk of loss of investments and lack of
liquidity) that are characteristics of unquoted early stage investments.

NB: we are only open to suitably qualified investors please contact us if you are unsure whether you fit this definition.

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