Please note, this Fund is only open to investment from professional clients and eligible counterparties.

Investors are reminded that this Fund is investing in un-listed securities and as such the Fund is taking a commensurate yet prudent level of risk in the light of the potential returns. The Fund is not being marketed to the public or non-qualifying investors.

The investments are in unquoted private businesses and as such there will be no ready market  for such investments, which will be essentially illiquid and may be difficult to value and realise. There is a risk that a number of the investments made will fail.

IMPORTANT: The Fund Manager (Rivers Capital Partners Ltd) and its partners do not warrant or guarantee any of the information within this document.

All investment return target estimates quoted may not be reached as investments can fail. The  Fund return estimates have failure rates factored in based on experience and historic information, however, these are no guarantee of future returns.

The examples of deals quoted are for illustrative purposes only or are examples from past investment and as such are not a prediction of future returns.

If you are unsure on any aspect of this warning or your eligibility as a potential investor please take independent legal advice.